7,200 - 15,000 Rotations Per Week = 2 - 6 Million Views Per Week

Why Spinning Promotions?

1.   Spinning Promotions clients are able to spreads the cost of week.  So each client receives the incredible promotion on the only

       spinning truck in the USA while keeping the cost low.

2.    The spinning back is something that no one can resist looking at.  It is proven that people notice moving promotions better than

       stationary ones.

3.    With each panel being 4.5' wide and 6' tall and spinning, the message is delivered to everyone in a viewing distance.

​4.    The lighting on the unit is an incredible 700 watts of LED Bright White light, the trucks stands out at night!

​5.    Because the vehicle is not large, it fits through all small areas, in crowded city's and down busy streets.

​6.    The unit is so well built, that we can drive it down the highways with the unit spinning with no issues.

7.    The 7 second rule applies to this vehicle, each face is visible for 7 seconds.

​8.    Panel changes are fast, so clients can have custom campaigns depending on the day or the time.

9.    Your message can be brought to the areas where your best prospect reside.

​10.  The truck can be parked at an event, grand opening, and will keep running with the onboard whisper generator.

11.  The concert truck comes with a full blown sound system that will power up to 5000 people, full ac power for a band or DJ,

       and special effects for the special event.

​12.  Custom trucks - for those clients that want the SPECIAL look, we offer customer trucks with the full wrap.

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