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David King - ROI Crusader

David King is a Visionary for Spinning Promotions, a firm that specializes in bringing advertising to the streets and retail stores in a way that has not be done before.  David believes that the best advertising is one that reaches out and grabs you.  Today most advertising is STATIC and as a result it takes a lot of effort to make this type of advertising successful.  David's Spinning Promotions is a completely new way of delivering an advertising message through the use of motion.  Regardless of the market you choose from the OUTDOOR taxi top product all the way to the retail stores, it has been proven time and time again that people notice movement in advertising.

Spinning Promotions is Marketing's New Spin for building awareness for products and services.

David got his start in marketing back in 1981 in the high tech industry and has been in marketing and graphics for over 30 years.  David is passionate about everything he does and Spinning Promotions is his best marketing idea yet.

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